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If you have a vision, don’t let it go! Our digital marketing services will help you boost your business. Ask for your free advice.

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You can achieve your sales goals with our marketing services. It’s time to get ahead of the competition with a campaign that scale your business to the next level. We have a team of brilliant minds to help you design every aspect of your digital strategy.

Digital platforms Consulting Services - CDP

Let us help you implement a CDP for your business, consult on strategy and best practices and identify qualified platforms to pursue. We’ll work with your team to ensure success and offer personalized training along the way. 

Our team is ready to support you in achieving your goals.

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Performance Marketing

Everything that makes your online presence engaging and more than just a website is referred to as digital performance. 

It’s our foundation: the data, facts, and numbers that show us how your target audience behaves and how we should sell to them. 

Digital Campaigns, Online media buying, DCO & dynamic optimization 

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      Training & Coaching

      Connectki organizes different online courses for SME and companies, using the most efficient strategies. Online classes on digital advertising, ad operations (in-housing and team coaching). Learn today the tips&tricks to communicate better. 


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      Digital content services

      The most essential elements of any digital transformation, Digital Content Services allows you to integrate content into your operations and include features such as content lifecycle management, content analytics, and customer communications management.

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      Digital platforms Consulting Services – CDP

      CDP implementation and best practices:

      Our team will analyze your requirements in the market and will help you to:

      • Choose the right platform
      • Organize for pitch and RFPs
      • Hire proper resources
      • Support your team in implementation and platform customization
      • Provide training and coaching for your team.

      CDP and troubleshooting services:

      Now, Customer Intelligence is critical for business success. 

      Connectki’s CDP services are designed to help you implement, integrate, develop, and optimize the value of your CDP. 

      • Data Hygiene + Identity Management
      • Data Management
      • Advanced Analytics
      • Data Strategy +  Integration Services

      Digital Performance Marketing

      Connectki analyses your company’s content in the digital world as part of our digital marketing services. So we can make the right decision to achieve your goals.

      Lead generation campaigns

      Extend your online marketing reach to thousands of new customers with data-driven, fully managed Google Ads, Bing, Social paid, display and video advertsing through real time bidding across multiple platforms. 


      our team will take care of checking your visibility in  search engines, studying your URLs, reviewing the ranking of your website, analyzing your incoming links among other tasks. And with a Link Building strategy your website visibility is improved.

      Web and Funnel Analysis, CX and Growth marketing

      analyzing the steps that the user performs on your website until we find out the points that need to be optimized to achieve as many conversions as possible.

        Digital ad operations services

        We are experts in Ad operations & trafficking, in-housing and digital consulting for teams to advise you on each step of your real time campaigns.

        Coaching and Trainings: We organize trainings for your team in ad operations technics. Google Marketing Stack (formerly Doubleclick).

        Google ads and Display/Video adv:  we teach your how to get & manage digital campaigns effectively.

        Helping companies to in-house ad operations: defining a custom process to bring into your company the ad trafficking team. Support in the transition.


        Online Courses for SME and Professionals

        Connectki Learning Online is our department in charge of teaching how to use social media and paid media for business.

        Learn how to use social media for your business and how to create an online effective presence of your brand or company.

        Have YOUR team to grow your business and build your brand with the learnings of our online courses.


        Digital Production

        Video and image creation

        • Digital ads and videos for advertising
        • Social Media Videos and images
        • Commercial web videos
        • Photography, pictures and business infographics


        • Text and articles for Social Media
        • Blog writing services and Link Building
        • Press releases
        • Copy + Art Direction
        • Podcast

        Advertising & lead generation

        Online Advertising

        Web and social development

        • Social Media management
        • Digital transformation, platform integration
        • Web developement, eCommerce
        • Analitics & data analisis

        Startups and SME

        • eLearning & online courses
        • Social Media comunication strategy
        • Content strategy
        • Online advertising
        • Website development


        • Advertising budget assement and consulting
        • Social Media strategy
        • Paid advertising, adoperations and media optimization

        Sales Teams

        • Digital lead strategy
        • CRM Platform
        • Linkedin communication strategy
        • Inbound marketing

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