Data Analysis dramatically improves the advertising performance

Data and technology allow you to make comparisons and correlations, trend lines and Insights with a reliable statistical basis. Use them to improve your online advertising efficiency.


The use of a data driven strategy allows you to have advertising insights, reports and campaign optimizations run by our data analyst. Nowadays all advertising platforms are programmatic and data driven. Let your campaigns be managed by our team of ad operations experts.

Data in digital marketing is Big Data and advertising is programmatic advertising. Technology automates the purchase of advertising spaces and reaches much more specific segments. An example of this automation is Real-time-bidding or RTB: this type of programmatic advertising allows you to maximize conversion and reduce the cost of acquisition efficiently and quickly.

Online Assessment: Connectki data scientist reviews your online campaigns

Have cost/performance targets been met?

Were the campaigns built in a efficient and realistic way?

How could we increase the leads?

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Online campaigns Optimized by Ad Ops team

Campaigns can be edited and managed in real time. This offers great control over advertising and the possibility of constant optimization. Connectki’s ad operations team will take care of:

#1. Identify the goal
#2. Select channels
#3. Segment the audience
#4. Measuring campaign performance
#5. Constant optimization

We operate on all major platforms of the selected channels:

Search, Display, Video, Native, Social and Audio advertising   


Lead generation & optimization

An effective lead generation strategy should start from a large user base and then turn them into leads, with the ultimate goal of achieving more sales. Making lead generation means creating interest in your business.

There are several tools that can help you get and optimize leads and our team will be happy to monstrate them.

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