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Connectki traffickers are leaders in ad operations and ad trafficking. As programmatic consultants they understand ad technology at a deeper level, delivering better results for automated bid strategies – for advertisers and inventory management – for publishers.

Connectki ad operations team is based in Europe and speaks Spanish and English.

Outsource your ad operations today and rely on our ad trafficking team to manage the digital platforms successfully, saving a huge percentage of time and costs of your internal team.



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Know-hows of Ad trafficking

1. Adops and ad trafficking service

Our trafficking and optimization methologies have been tested on different platforms like Doubleclick DV360, Facebook, Taboola, Pubmatic, Adform, Triplelift, Rubicon Project, Appnexus and others  

2. Successful strategies with the right ad operation team

Advertisers look to reach the right audiences, show them great ads and convert them into customers

3. Ad Publishing and Campaign Management

Successful ad campaigns demand careful planning and calculated actions: monitoring and delivery across ad exchanges, tracking third-party ad tags from different vendors and also performing troubleshooting when necessary. Campaigns are trafficked and monitored carefully from start to end.

4. Technology savvy

Technologies keep changing in the programmatic advertising industry. Hire a team of people who adapts to the habit of learning new things and who connects with different people such as designers, copywriters and sales as well. Content is the king and should be shared properly!


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